Videos of a Different Kind

The Movements

The video is a sequence from the film Meetings with Remarkable Men. It shows several of Gurdjieff’s Movements performed by experienced dancers and directed by Madame De Salzman, for the movie

The Solar System Vortex

The solar system is a vortex. This video provides a graphic representation of its motion within the Milky Way

The Great Prayer

This is also known as The Big Prayer, or  Dervishes with Counting. The movement or if you like, dance, is said to describe death and rebirth, in stages: aspiration, renouncement, openness to all creation, utter despair, death and the ultimate peace of the soul. 

The Gurdjieff Work

This introduction of the Gurdjieff Work was created by one of the pupils of Rina Hands, one of Gurdjieff’s pupils and also a pupil of Ouspensky. It provides a description of The Work from a practitioner who has spent decades practicing it.