Mission Statement

The intention of the members of The Seekers Café is to provide sustenance for those who are genuine seekers after truth, by passing on information, knowledge, and experience to those that may find it useful.

While some of the founding members of The Seekers Café come from the tradition that is generally known as The Gurdjieff Work and have been a part of that tradition for many years—it is not true for all of the founders. Some come from spiritual groups that did not descend directly from Gurdjieff, some from Sufi groups. Among the members there are some who are well versed in Buddhism and Zen, others who have studied Christian Esoteric traditions.

However, the group as a whole defines itself by the Sufi principle of giving credence to what is useful and what works, irrespective of its origins.

The Seekers Café is a non-profit organization. It solicits donations simply to cover the expenses of operating and organizing a web site. Its principal members seek only to cover costs, as is the tradition in The Gurdjieff Work, and among many other philosophical or religious groups.

The Seekers Café has the general goal of passing on knowledge and at the moment has no other goals at all. As such, its future evolution is unpredictable, dependent only on the quality of the individuals who founded it and the individuals that it hopes to attract.