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We are providing a forum on the assumption that some of the denizens of this café will wish to shoot the breeze about something. If you want to shoot the breeze and observe whether it shoots back:

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Videos shown on the video page have been curated by Senior Members of the Seekers Café and approved by peer review.

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The blog posts on this site were written by the senior members of the Seekers Café or their associates and have been approved for readers by peer review.

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The selection of poetry comes from multiple sources. They were selected with the intention that they would appeal to those who frequent The Seekers Cafe.

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Selected Prose

The selected essays come from multiple sources. We expect that at least some of them will appeal to the denizens of The Seekers Cafe.

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We provide a number of presentation on specific topics. To view:

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Events Calendar

This is the events calendar for the Seekers Café. It shows all the scheduled meetings except for private one-on-one meetings.

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The Seekers Café publishes podcasts that cover topics of a spiritual nature and includes interviews with prominent  spiritual activists.

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Attend Meeting

Request to attend a Discussion Meeting of the Seekers Cafe. In such meetings, one or more senior members of the Seekers Cafe will spend maybe 5 or 10 minutes presenting some material on one of the listed topics and then field questions from attendees. A general discussion will then ensue. Discussion Meetings last 30 minutes or more.

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One-on-One Meeting

Book a One-on-One Meeting with a Senior Member of The Seekers Cafe. Such meetings are private. They enable an individual to discuss a question directly with a selected Senior Member, should they agree to the meeting. One-on-One Meetings last up to 60  minutes.

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Useful Links

We provide a set of curated links that may be helpful to people who wander into The Seekers Café. To visit them:

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The Seekers Cafe, a not-for-profit organization, will accept donations from those café visitors who wish to support and encourage its operation. For non-specific donations:

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