The Mystical Positivist, is a broadcasts radio series hosted by Stuart Goodnick and Dr. Robert Schmidt, who are also denizens of The Seeker’s Café.

This podcast hosts Stephen Aronson. Until he retired after 43 years in clinical practice in 2013, Steve was a highly qualified psychologist and psychiatrist, and a published author.

In 1982 Steve experienced a ‘vision’ that was an overture to a series of synchronous events culminating in his discovery of the Gurdjieff Work. He has dedicated his inner search to the methods of G.I. Gurdjieff since that time, accepting the responsibilities of ‘leading’ groups studying this system. Steve’s immersion in ‘spiritual’ psychology led him to an interest in esoteric religion, particularly esoteric Christianity, and a recognition of the universality of the core of all traditions. It also profoundly influenced his understanding of the structure and function of the human psyche and his practice of clinical psychology. He has made a number of presentations to the All and Everything International Humanities Conference and participates in groups in Portland Maine, Moscow Russia and Toronto Canada.