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The Origins of the Café

A handful of individuals met at a conference and engaged in lively conversations. As they lived in geographically distant places, when the conference ended they resolved to continue their conversation by digital means, which they proceeded to do on a weekly basis. They subsequently invited others they knew, ‘of the same ilk,’  to join the conversations. As this group grew they began to refer to their regular meetings as The Seekers Cafe.

The Purpose of the Café

After a number of meetings at The Seekers Café, its members considered how they might enable others to gain from their activities and their experience. Consequently, they created this website café, and, as befits a café, they chose to offer a menu of possibilities. Their menu is comprised of ways by which those who are attracted to it or stumble upon it by accident can engage with these seekers in ways that may be mutually beneficial.

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